Shared by Amin Abdul Razzaq

Hajj is one of the Five Pillars of Islam. It is incumbent upon every Muslim, circumstances allowing, to make pilgrimage to Mecca once in their lifetime. Allah (swt) and His Messenger (pbuh) give immense importance to Hajj. Prophet SAW said whoever perform Hajj gets purified from their sins like a newborn with no sins. Allah (swt) said in Quran: “And Hajj to the Kabah is a duty that mankind incurs to Allah, those who can afford the expenses” (3:97).

Importance of hajj in Quran:

Allah SWT highlights the importance of hajj in Quran in various Sorahs. Some of the verses that show the importance of hajj are as follows.

“And announce to mankind the hajj. They will come to you on foot and on every sinewy camel; they will come from every deep and distant (to perform hajj)”. (22:27)

“We have accomplished the shrine (The Holy Kabah) a focal point for the people, and a safe sanctum. You may use Abraham’s shrine as a prayer house. We empower Abraham and Ismail: “You shall purify my house for those who visit, those who live there, and those who nod and prostrate”. (2:125)

“They ask you about the facet of the moon! Say, “They provide a timing contrivance for the people, and determine the time of Hajj”. It is not creditable to beat around the bush; righteousness is acquire by upholding the commandments and by being straightforward. You shall observe GOD that you may succeed”. (2:189)

“You commit no error by seeking accouterment from your Lord. When you file from Arafat, you shall perpetuate GOD at the sacred location (of Muzdalifah). You shall commemorate Him for guiding you; before this, you had gone adrift. You shall file together, with the rest of the people who file, and ask GOD for forgiveness. God is Forgiver, Most Merciful. Once you outright your rites, you shall continue to memorialize GOD as you commemorate your own parents, or even better. Some people would say, “Our Lord, grant us rectitude in the Hereafter, and spare us the retribution of Hell”.

“The ridge of Safa and Marwah are among the rites decreed by God. Anyone who observes Hajj or Umrah commits no error by traversing the distance between them if one volunteers more righteous works, then GOD is Appreciative, Omniscient. (2:158)

“O you who believe! Kill not game while you are in state of ihram for pilgrimage, and whoever of you kills it deliberately, the amends is atonement, brought to the Kabah, of an eatable animal equivalent to the one he killed, as arbitrate by two just men among you; or, for reprisal, he should feed poor person, or its equivalent in fasting, that he may taste the punishment of his deed. Allah has forgiven what is prior, but whoever contravenes it again; Allah will take comeuppance from him. And Allah is Almighty, Al-able of comeuppance”. (5:95)

From above mention verses of Quran we can clearly understand the importance of Hajj and in return Allah SWT gives great reward in this life and hereafter.

Importance of Hajj in Hadith:

Prophet SAW performed only one hajj in His PBUH life. He PBUH declared hajj a JIHAD for women, children, old people and week. Many hadith on hajj explain the importance of hajj, some of the hadith about hajj are as follows:

Ibn e Umar R.A said the Prophet of Allah PBUH said: “Islam is built upon five pillars: testifying that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad SAW is the Messenger of Allah, subsidizing regular prayer, paying Zakah, Hajj and fasting Ramadan”. (Al- Bukhari 8; Muslim 16)

“Abu Hurayrah RA narrated that Prophet PBUH was asked which deed is the best. He said, “Belief in Allah and His messenger”. He was asked, then what? He said, “Jihad for the sake of Allah”. He was asked, then what? He said, “An accepted Hajj”. (Al-Bukhari 26; Muslim 83)

Abu Hurayrah RA narrated that Allah’s Messenger SAW said: “Umrah is reparation for the time between it and the previous Umrah; and an accepted hajj has no less a reward than Paradise”. (Al-Bukhari 1683, Muslim 1349)

Ibn e Umar RA reported that Hazrat Muhammad SAW said: “The one who fights for the sake of Allah and the pilgrim who goes for hajj or Umrah are all guests of Allah. He called them and they reciprocate; they ask of HIM and He will give them”. (Ibn e Majah 2893)

Abu Hurayrah RA said: I heard the Prophet PBUH say: “Whoever does Hajj for the consideration of Allah and does not have sexual relations, commit sins, or squabble unjustly during the Hajj, will come back clean like the day his mother gave birth to him without sins”. (Muslim 1350, Al-Bukhari 1449)

The Messenger of Allah gave an exhortation and said: “O people Allah has admonish Hajj upon you so do Hajj”. A man said, Is it every year, O Messenger of Allah? He hovers silent until the man had said it three times; then he said, if I say yes, it will become mandatory and you will not be able to do.” Then he said, “Do not push me to tell you more than what I have left you with, for those who came before you were destroyed because they asked too many questions and quibble with their Prophets. If I command you to do a thing, do as much of it as you can, and if I proscribe you to do something; then avoid it”. (Muslim 1337)

Abu Hurayrah RA said that Prophet SAW gave a sermon and said: “O people, Allah has decree Hajj upon you so do Hajj”. (Muslim 1337)

Hazrat Abdullah Ibn e Masood RA narrated that Prophet PBUH said: “keep on doing Hajj and Umrah, for they wipe out poverty and sin Justas the bawl eliminate defilement from iron and gold and silver”.

From all these Hadith we can understand the importance of Hajj very well, it removes our sins and in exchange Allah SWT gives reward to pilgrims. Whoever does it do with our and clean intention for only the sake of Allah Almighty and Allah definitely accept his Hajj. Amen.

My friends, if there are any errors in the foregoing, they are mine and not of Allah (swt), His Messanger, Muhammad(pbuh), or of Islam.


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