My work does appear in other places, away from this webpage. I am going to share with you, as it appears, my work in other outlets. I hope you will find something you can enjoy from what I write, or photography.

This is not an exhaustive list of all my work. Just some of it, so that you may get a taste of who, and what I am!

Pax et Bonum,

Steven Zimmerman


I have started to chase my dream of writing for a newspaper. For the longest time, El Paso has had very few outlets for news media, and nothing that wanted to allow writers to focus on the positive things that happen. Well, the El Paso Herald-Post is the outlet that allows me to share the positive, the beautiful that I see in the world around me with others. I am glad that Chris Babcock. The Herald-Post is a wonderful news organization. It’s worth the visit.

Click this link to see what stories/photos I have up on the Herald-Post!


There was an assault outside of my home one day. A car had stopped, and you could hear a woman screaming for someone to stop hitting her, and her baby. Four calls to 911, and nothing was done. So, I took it to the media. Seems, at times, a city as big as El Paso does not have enough police on the street to do the job. The links below will take you to the stories.

My talking to KVIA about lack of police response

KVIA’s follow-up to the above story


I do write books of poetry under the name of Steven Cottingham. Have a couple of them out right now. You can head over to Amazon if you are interested in grabbing a copy of one of my books. The most popular one is a book of Haiku, Senryu, Tanka, and short form poetry entitled, ‘The 24 Hour Sigh.’

There is also a short story up there that I wrote WAY back when! It’s called La Sombra, and it is a quick read, but a good read- or so I have been told. (We all know our friends tend to tell us we are good at something. So, let me know what you think)

There will be more books coming, and I hope you will give them a shot! To see what I have on Amazon, just click this link!

Dreams Wonder On – This is a book in which some of my work appears. ‘Dreams Wonder On,’ is an anthology of death poetry in the Japanese tradition. It really was, for me, a hard project to work with- the subject of death. However, in the end, the overall collection was wonderful.

Click here to learn more about ‘Dreams Wonder On.’

Radio and Podcast:

I have a podcast called Still Going Somewhere. In this podcast I speak with those who are in the news as well as those who are making the news. Of late, I’ve shared some amazing stores on the podcast that were partnered with the El Paso Herald-Post.

The podcast can be found on most popular players. Just click your favourite one and you will be taken to our page!

I am also the host, occasionally, of a weekly radio program entitled, ‘Changing Lives Through Simple Acts of Kindness.’ This show is a production of Ysleta Lutheran Mission Human Care- a wonderful group of loving individuals who are attempting to change lives, and help meet the spiritual, and physical needs of the world around them. It really is a great show!

Each week I am on the air (except for the shows I missed due to health, or when I had FIVE teeth pulled!) with Rev. Dr. Karl Heimer of San Pablo Lutheran Church/YLM, and Rev. Stephen Heimer of Zion Lutheran Church/YLM. It is a great show!

Click here to be taken to the archives of past shows!

Other Publications:

I love to write poetry using Asian forms of poetry: Haiku, Senryu, Tanka, and others. The writing of such poetry is a form of meditation for me. The publishing of such is an act of bringing others, who may or may not write, into my poetry.

~There is a neat little publication called Lilliput Review, Published by Don Wentworh. I am going to have to submit some of my work to him again, because it really is a great publication. It was one of the first times my haiku/senryu saw the light of day.

Basho’s Road – I have a tanka-esq poem in this edition. Tanka is a five (5) line, Japanese style poem. Click here to see the whole issue.

~The Haiku Foundation maintains a listing of Haiku poets, and I am found within their digital pages. The Foundation’s Mission is, ‘…to preserve and archive the accomplishments of our first century of haiku in English, and to provide resources for its expansion in our next.’

To see my page over at the foundation, simply click here!

~I once had a book out entitled, ‘Just After Words.’ I may have to put that up on Amazon one day. It was a large collection of my Haiku, Tanka, and Senryu. However, The Outsider Argentina interviewed me, and included that interview on their website. It’s an old interview, and there is an old photo up there. Still, it does give you a bit more information about me, and has one of my older poems on there.

To read the interview, simply click here!

I have my work in quite a few places. Some of the most notable are as follows – and you can click on any one of them to see what I have!

Getty Images – I just love Getty Images. It’s a great source for photographs. These photos are under the Steven Cottingham name.

EyeEm – This is another place where I have photos on offer. It’s a great site. If you are a photographer, give it a shot!

Webpages for Steven, and Chantilly – The photography of Chantilly L. Bolgar
Amazon – My books over on Amazon
Twitter– Follow me on Twitter!
Instagram– Follow me on Instagram as well!
My page on Facebook!

Contact Me:

I love hearing from people. You may contact me via the following:


Email me at

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